Urban mobility strategies

The development of urban mobility strategies is one of our specialties. At Simec we have carried out mobility actions throughout Spain and countries in Europe and South America.

Strategy planning

It is essential for city councils to define a DAC mobility strategy: Data, Actions and Communication. First, all the data (graphics, audiovisuals...) must be collected and organized into groups defined by the client based on the final objective. Then you must define what specific actions are going to be carried out and make the decisions that will mark the strategy. Once you have determined how you want to act, it is essential to involve users in the strategy, inform them of the actions and make them more effective, that is, communicate the actions in a clear way with simple instructions on how to proceed in each case.


The specification of the data to be obtained will define the necessary technologies; we have the latest technologies to be able to offer a wide range of services. We make all our infrastructure and our specialized human team available to our clients. In addition, we advise you in each part of the process with a point of view that only experience can give. We are the team you need, call us.

We work to improve urban mobility.